Friends of Alex and Paige

Supreme Court of France: Date Set

The Supreme Court of France will hear the final appeal of the family on March 22nd, 2023. They all hear how the "dirty and cowardly" French government refused them their most basic of rights under French law at the request of their Canadian masters. They will hear of the abuse the girls suffered in Canada. They will be presented with thousands of documents. Proof that the police in Canada were negligent. That the girls are in danger if returned, and that Super Dad is facing imprisonment without a fair trial anywhere. It will be demonstrated that the Canadian government has broken its own laws, and those of France, to get the family back to punish them for their own political goals and objectives.

The question is: will the courts of France set their obedience and subservience to Canada and its new King aside for long enough to enforce their own laws properly, and set things straight. The other, and much more important question that needs to be asked, is what the reaction of the family is going to be if they are forced back to Canada. Where the girls will be institutionalized until they are eighteen, drugged against their will, held without their father. And where the Super Dad will be arbitrarily imprisoned for years by the same authority that has denied due process, fairness and his charter rights.

Make no mistake, this is happening because people are allowing it to happen. The lack of legacy media coverage of this fiasco, and the lack of uprising against this kind of tyranny, is what has given fuel to groups like the Anonymous to intervene and lay fire to Canadian authorities. It could be that the plight of this family has become little more than a reality television show to many Canadians, who have resigned themselves to the outrageous conduct of their governments. They tune in, watch the latest episode, and talk about it with their friends. Taking no action. Yet the struggle to survive continues for Alex, Paige and their Super Dad Clayton. From what this writer can see, Canadians get the governments they deserve, and some of us who make up the Friends of Alex and Paige will continue to lend every possible aid and comfort to the Anonymous because they seem to be the only ones striking back.


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