Friends of Alex and Paige


Last year, Friends of Alex and Paige asked people across the country to use their voices - to stand and be counted - to sign their name in support. Thousands did.

In total, more than twenty-one petitions were published, presenting almost eighteen-thousand signatures to:

  • Police Commanders
  • Ministers of the Crown (Ontario/Canada)
  • Judges and Judicial Officials
  • Heads of Government Departments

You can see the actual petitions, and all of the signatories, here (note you may have to scroll down the page).

All petitions have now been closed, their products delivered by courier, electronic mail and fax to the appropriate offices. The responsibility to take action now rests with each of the recipients. We will follow this in our News section.

If you are able, please continue raising your voice for Alex, Paige and Clayton, you can find the names and contact data for each of the documents. We strongly encourage you to call, write, e-mail and fax until they get the message that action must be taken.

We truly appreciate your support. Future petitions will be announce here and through our News/RSS feed.


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