Friends of Alex and Paige

Friends in Action

"Action is the foundational key to all success."
- Pablo Picasso
"Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned."
- Peter Marshall


Some Friends have been putting in calls to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other political hotshots. They have sent a strong message: We do not accept what Canada has done to Alex, Paige and Clayton, and we want it to stop now!

Trudeau has a direct phone line, it is:

+1 (613) 992-4211

Friends are helping behind the scenes - researching things, keeping tabs, identifying opportunities and giving timely advice. We call this our "double-oh" ring. Participants remain entirely anaonymous as we have a special relationship with an American news agency that protects them under press shield. If you have a special gift for this kind of things, reach out to us. The girls can use all the help they can get.
Friends from Canfield, Ontario, report that a group of "bikers that look like the Hells Angels" from time to time converge at 28 Talbot Road (the home of biological mother and her pedophile husband). They arrive in packs of twelve or more on motorcycle and by pickup truck. They power their engines for a spell, sometimes "exercising in free speech" seemingly against child abuse. While we are unable to confirm that they are indeed the infamous Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, we most respectfully appreciate their support as citizens. Ironic that this "dangerous criminal biker gang element" (as described by the Niagara Regional Police) cares more for the safety and security of children than do authorities.
Many Friends have offered resources to help the family - a safe place to stay, transportation, meals and other forms of assistance. These offers are greatly appreciated, and the family may very well call on those Friends in the future. If you have something you are willing to make available, please let us know. You may make the difference between imprisonment and torture, and safety and freedom.
We first heard of "Clayton's Angels" when the family was travelling through Quebec, Canada, on their way out. Friends were actively and aggressively taking on a legacy news station live on Facebook, correcting their information and demanding fair treatment for the family. Over time, a few more Clayton's Angels emerged - patrolling social media, organizing rallies, taking on police and government entities - basically, defending the girls against those who would have them broken. The group became official when we received a photo of a women wearing a bright pink t-shirt with a set of wings and "Clayton's Angel" printed on the back, "discussing her position" with a politician in Hamilton, Ontario.
A small group of Friends in Toronto make it their mission to call the French embassies once a week or so. They say it's their opportunity to "practice their French" as they remind the foreign representatives that nations engaging in the torture of children have no place in Canada. They ask the officials to pack up and leave. So far, they haven't left, but everyone is invited to join this collective voice.

They can be reached at:

+1 (613) 789-1795 or +1 (416) 847-1900

Hundreds of Friends regularly reach out to the girls with messages of hope and support. Some Friends share their experiences (#METOO). The girls read and respond to all of these messages personally, and say it helps them maintain a positive attitude. Tell them you believe them.
Sightings are the best. Some Friends opt to "help authorities" locate Alex, Paige and Clayton by "reporting their whereabouts" to police, crime stoppers, radio stations and social media. Under a thick cloak of invisibility (public payphones, anonymous e-mail accounts and even courtesy phones at car dealerships, or telephones at courthouses), Friends report whenever they "see the family" at various places, then send us a message to let us know.

Sightings have become a tradition. Friends have "spotted the family" from coast to coast to coast, in Canada, and from almost every continent on the planet. They have even been spotted at the Kremlin, the Pyramids and on Mars. One Friend reported that Clayton was in space tending to a broken satellite, and attached photographic evidence so police would know where to look.

We suspect that this may not be an entirely lawful activity, and in no way do we officially condone it of course; however, the family really enjoys reading about it.

If you think you may have spotted the family at large, you may wish to call Crime Stoppers (in Canada) +1 (800) 222-TIPS (8477) or your local police, and be sure to let us know.
A few Friends from Niagara, Ontario, who have asked not to be named, have quietly stopped making monthly payments on their property tax. Instead they mail in a photo of the girls from the web site with a note on the back that reads: "I will not pay a government that condones the torture of children. Enough is enough. Free the Miseners!!" Nobody has contacted them to date to discuss their arrears.
We are occasionally contacted by other SuperDads, SuperMoms, SuperGrannies and others who have risked everything to keep the ones they love from harm. While our exact circumstances vary greatly, there is a real benefit in exchanging experiences, views and perspectives. If you are a "Super," please connect with us (absolute secrecy guaranteed). In many ways, we are in this together. If you are thinking about running away, read our commentary.
Friends in Berlin, Germany, have started a boycott in their community. They are asking their family, friends and neighbours to stop buying Canadian and French products until this matter is resolved. Their initiative has garnered over one hundred households and they expect more as time goes on. Their goal is to have their entire community on board, over a thousand families.


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