Friends of Alex and Paige


When Alex, Paige and their Dad fled Canada, they gave up everything - their home, car, business income and most of their personal property. They traded a comfortable family life in a nice neighbourhood, close to family and friends, for a life on the run - in hiding, afraid, saving every penny. They had no choice. Due to the super-strict immigration policies in France, Dad is not permitted to work. They rely on their savings, a small amount of external business income and the generosity of family, Friends and donors to survive.

Friends of Alex and Paige raises money in support of the girls. Your generous contributions go directly to keeping the girls safe, paying for food, lodging, education and legal representation. The need for financial support is at a critical level. Whether they stay in France or not, money is the biggest challenge for the family. This underscores the importance of your generous contributions, not only one-time donations but also regular and routine support.


If you would prefer, Friends of Alex and Paige is able to accept your generous donations directly. Please contact us and we will make arrangements.


Fact. Biological mother hasn't paid a cent in child support since the girls were six years old (2015). She has contributed nothing to their health care, education, basic living, extracurricular activities, entertainment or anything else that kids need. So Dad filed a complaint. She is presently under investigation by French police because in France not paying child support is a crime that could lead to time in prison. The chart below shows what she owes and how it was calculated.

Child Support fr. 2015-2021: 72mos. @ $654/mo. = 47,088. Other Support fr. 2015-2018: 36mos. @ $100/mo. = 3,600. Pay to Debt: 2015-2021: 72mos. @ $50/mo. = 3,600. 50% of Jiu Jitsu Both, $100/girl/mo. @ 72mos. = $7,200. 50% Roller Derby Paige, $1,500/sunk + $50/mo @ 36mos. = $1,650. 50% Music Alex, avg. $80/mo (three facilities) @ 72mos. = 2,880. Total Due from Canada: $58,818. Outstanding Debt to be Repaid: $10,000. Now in France: 50% Kids Rent €1 200 @ 2/3 @ 50% = €392. 50% Kids Food €800 @ 2/3 @ 50% = €264. 50% Kids Medical €200 @ 1/2 = €100. 50% Kids School/Ex. €100 @ 100% = €100. 50% Kids Utilities €100 @ 2/3 = €66. 50% Kids Legal €2 000 @ 2/3 = €660. Payable = €1 582/mo. That's $2,200 CAD/mo. Arrived in France August, 2021. Today is November, 2022. So 16 months @ $2,200/mo = $35,200. Interest not calculated.
$109,218 CAD
as of Jan. 2023


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