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This is the official website of Friends of Alex and Paige, two young women running from an abusive situation in Canada.

Update: 26 March 2023. Anonymous is Preparing for War. News.

Update: 8 March 2023. Date set for the Supreme Court of France [article]. Canadian officials caught hiding facts (again), refusing disclosure, denying basic rights [article/documents].

Update: February 2023. The 'hacktivist' group known as Anonymous has given its support to Alex, Paige and Clayton, by publishing some shocking and thought provoking videos. Read the full article and copy the links.

Update: January 2023. Check out Not Guilty! for a legal analysis of the charges facing the family, analysis of a secret letter from the Niagara Regional Police, formal allegations made to the Canadian Judicial Council, as well as new petitions, fundraising initiatives, a re-opening of the news section and some great news about Alex's Sketchbook.


When Alex and Paige were just little girls, they were sexually abused by Jason Kenneth Whittington, the boyfriend (now husband) of their biological mother Kelly Campbell - and she knew exactly what was going on. Whittington was on a court order to stay away from children due to his violent criminal history and multiplicity of mental illnesses. When the girls told biological mother what happened, she called them "bitches" and "liars," all the time knowing what he had done to them. She married Whittington just a few months later.

When the girls told their father, with whom they lived and had a really good relationship, he hit the roof. He notified police and child protection authorities, sought medical attention and support to help the girls cope, cancelled visits to the biological mother and took measures to protect the girls. But the police and child protection authorities made one mistake after another and, in the end, their negligence prevented a prosecution. Despite having a ton of evidence, including medical and psychotherapist opinions, and documentation of Whittington's modus operandi, authorities paid so little attention to the case, it eventually fell apart. The biological mother even went on television confessing that Whittington had touched the girls inappropriately, and that he even apologized to them. Nobody cared. The girls would not see justice.

The girls outright refused to see their biological mother, so she brought a custody dispute to court. Biological mother and her pedophile husband made a series of false reports to police and child protection, and they sure investigated those. There were surprise visits, threats, bullying, intimidation and even threats with a firearm, but the family resisted and when the dust settled, all the allegations were proven false. None of the authorities were willing to discuss what had happened to the girls, they only wanted for the girls to see biological mother so the complaints would stop. Some of the authorities later apologized, others have not.

The trials continued and the judge refused permission for the girls, now twelve years old, to speak, so their experience could not be considered. Given the lack of charges against Whittington and Campbell, and the lack of action on the part child protection authorities, the courts continued to order access for biological mother and the girls continued to refuse. This went on for years. Eventually, the courts got angry and engaged police to use force against the girls to physically make them see their abusers. At no time would any judge in Canada allow the girls to speak.

Alex, Paige and their Dad fled Canada that day. They took only what they could carry in their backpacks. They knew that if they stayed in Canada, the abuse would continue - likely lead to rape, and being beaten at the hands of the police if they tried to resist. With all the ports and borders closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and without any other viable option, Alex, Paige and their Dad made their way to the French archipelago of Saint Pierre et Miquelon, a tiny French archipelago less then twenty kilometres south of Newfoundland in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. They attended the prefecture headquarters, asked France for asylum and protection from Canada, and their request was granted - temporarily.

The fact that the family was able to escape, and all of the publicity their case generated, embarrassed the Governments of Canada and Ontario, who had by this point issued arrest warrants for the family for disobeying the courts. They even alerted Interpol as if they were some kind of terrorist cell. Authorities published news releases full of misinformation and even distributed wanted posters in some areas. The government wasn't interested in getting to the bottom of the case or investigating what went wrong, nor were they interested in protecting the girls, they just wanted revenge. How dare these twelve-year-old girls disobey an order of the court that they be beaten by police and raped.

Some very important things happened in France. Under the laws of the European Union, of which France is a part, children have the right to address the courts. They told a judge what happened. They were examined by physicians, leading psychiatrists and the chief expert child psychologist of the French superior courts, all of whom verified their truthfulness and found that they should remain with their Dad, never to return to their biological mother and her pedophile husband. The courts heard testimony, reviewed documents, and even heard from biological mother. The judge took little time in awarding sole custody to Clayton, and prohibited the biological mother and her pedophile husband from contacting the girls directly, the courts even ordered biological mother to pay half the cost of maintaining the girls which, of course, never happened; however, the judge lacked the authority to grant residence to the family, so they were safe in France, but only until they were no longer safe in France.

Canadian authorities refused to accept the verdicts. They invoked treaties and conventions with France, using them as their proxy. France in turn put the family through living hell. Alex, Paige and Clayton were temporarily separated by force and interrogated. They even brought in their secret police disguised as social workers who filtered everything back to Canada. The prosecutor forced the family into court more than twenty times, textbook malicious prosecution, and the gendarmerie (the French military police) tortured them - they forced entry without warrant, seized the family's computer and electronic equipment, and demanded Clayton sign documents he could neither read nor understand. They denied him a lawyer and Australian consular representation (Dad is also Australian). The "social workers" seized the girls by force and the police "arrested" their Dad. Charges were never laid and the girls fought back so uncontrollably that they had to release them that night. The conduct of French officials, acting on Canadian orders, never improved, yet the family stuck together. They fought the tyranny and built a life together, with the girls in school and extracurricular activities, and Dad (prohibited from working due to French immigration law) remotely developing a business in New York. Fortunately, the judges tended to side with the family and were shocked at the behaviour of the authorities.

Alex, Paige and their Dad have been put through enough. Years have passed since the girls were terribly abused and they have since been subjected to the worst possible treatment, in Canada and in France. They have been victimized and re-victimized time and time again. The only thing that has kept them going is love, faith and trust in each other; however, their future is uncertain. They face being forcibly returned to Canada where the girls will be separated and placed in custodial youth facilities until they are eighteen. Dad will be kept in prison for years before he gets a trial. While there is no jury in the world that would convict any of them, the system that turned its back on them years ago will "get 'em" and punish them severely without any rights or recourse.

We are the Friends of Alex and Paige, and we support the family in any way we can. Join us.


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